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Here you will find out more about our daily activities. Who we are, our philosophy and our history. And about what we do to do our part to protect our environment. Come on a journey that tells the story of the industrial enclosure and find out where this journey is going.

Pillars of success

Our business areas

Development, production and sales.

We focus primarily on the best possible customer benefit in the development and production of our enclosures. It is a permanent challenge for us to provide tailor-made solutions in order to be able to always satisfy the changing needs of our customers with service at the highest level. Customers, markets and our special skills are the benchmarks for everything we do. Development, production and sales are of course ISO 9001 certified.
ROLEC persistently pursues the goal of being the innovation leader in the markets we have selected.

Satisfied customers

We only exist thanks to our customers.

When a customer has a question, we listen carefully. If he has a special requirement, we will come up with a solution. In this way, we are constantly improving our products, our services and our long-term business relationships. ROLEC provides its customers with first-class products and services. We meet customer requirements to the greatest possible extent through our presence on site and supported by our global network. We create real added value for our customers' applications.


Together with our customers and suppliers, we develop and deliver innovative solutions.

Our solutions in the field of high-quality enclosures ensure that our customers' applications are protected as well as possible and offer lasting value retention. Our enclosures not only increase the quality of customer products, but also improve their possibilities in terms of further development, design and technology. Our product lines and product solutions are developed with the help of active, global research in the technology area and through communication with our international partners. We are interested in cooperations and projects to develop new business opportunities and fields. Our innovations are geared towards the future-oriented applicability of our housings and increased added value.

Suppliers & partnerships

A good supplier can become a strategy partner - a key factor in our success.

We are always interested in long-term and reliable business relationships with our suppliers. We rely on our suppliers. Accordingly, we expect quality, punctuality and reliability. Joint innovations and developments from which both sides benefit are only possible with good supplier relationships. The price-performance ratio of our suppliers must be in a healthy relationship to our long-term ideas of quality and service. Suppliers who are crucial to our business and who are just as trustworthy can become strategy partners.

Global trading

We are close to our customers and understand their needs.

ROLEC is present with its products wherever they are needed and the framework conditions are right. We actively analyze and develop markets around the world. ROLEC respects the people, their special culture and the natural environment in every country in the world. All ROLEC products are marketed internationally. We look forward to new collaborations - wherever additional markets can be opened up in the world. We act quickly on the global market and take long-term perspectives into account.

Our employees

Motivated employees are our most valuable success factor.

Open and respectful interaction with one another is the prerequisite for the long-term successful development of our company. ROLEC promotes a permanent improvement process through continuous further education and training of our employees. In return, we expect all employees to bring their personal skills to the company in the best possible way. We encourage everyone to make suggestions and show initiative. If mistakes happen, we discuss them openly. We see this as an opportunity to learn from it together for the future. Personal goals and corporate goals are always shaped by common interests. Our employees represent our greatest potential and clearly set us apart from the competition.

ROLEC's management team

Executives with role model function

Our managers have additional tasks that have to be performed.

Our management team is responsible for the motivation and development of all team members. They help to show a social, cultural and environmental awareness. All managers align their personal initiative with the overall goal and are measurable in relation to the responsibility imposed. The management team is networked nationally and internationally and each individual is accordingly mobile. Each management member contributes to the consistently positive image of the ROLEC brand - both internally and externally. Our managers form a strong team together with all employees.

Family company with firm values

ROLEC is a living example of the particular strengths of a traditional family company.

The continued existence of ROLEC as a family-run company has the highest priority. The philosophy of our family business offers a special measure of personal development opportunities. It demands personal commitment, responsibility and willingness to cooperate from each individual. This not only includes maintaining the successful tradition and personal ties. This also includes flexibility, quick decisions and responding to individual needs. Our entrepreneurial activity takes into account, in the broadest sense, the special responsibility towards our environment and society. The ROLEC style is sincere, straightforward and geared towards continuity. At ROLEC, debt and equity have always been in a solid and healthy relationship. As a result, long-term performance is more important to us than short-term gains. Efficiency, profitability, use of resources and appropriate added value are necessary to maintain the company's financial strength over the long term. They should also ensure independence from outside investors in the long term. As an independent family company, ROLEC guarantees lasting value growth.

Destribution channels

ROLEC contact person

Your contact person

Our customer service team at the ROLEC headquarters in Rinteln will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance. Just give us a call or send an email. We look forward to supporting you in all ROLEC matters.

ROLEC contacts

International sales

More than half of ROLEC's sales come from exports. Particular emphasis is placed on Europe, the USA and Japan. ROLEC also has its own direct sales subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Italy and India.

ROLEC partner

Sales Germany

In Germany, ROLEC products are sold through the "ORCA Gehäusetechnik" sales organization, which was founded in 2001 together with our partner OKW. With a committed and motivated team of professional consultants in the office and in the field, ORCA ensures competent support and advice for our customers. Every customer from all over Germany can find his or her personal contact right here near him. You can easily find the contact person responsible for you in the office and in the field using our postcode search (just for Germany).

ORCA Gehäusetechnik


As a family company, with the third generation now also developing and producing enclosures, we do of course reflect upon the future. We would like to leave our children and grandchildren with an ecology, economic situation and social fabric that is as sustainable as possible. We are of the opinion that one cannot be had without the other. That is why at ROLEC we place environmental perspectives on the same level with social and economic perspectives. Thus, we constantly ask ourselves what we can do as a producer of enclosures to act as environmentally friendly as possible in our daily work.


In today’s world, optimal waste management is no longer an urgent necessity alone, it is also a success factor that should not be underestimated. It makes a sustainable contribution to efficient operational procedures and profitable cost structures.

That is why ROLEC places its trust in a specialist in water and recycling management: REMONDIS. The company has a broad range of services covering virtually every field. The central focus is on establishing closed material cycles. For processing materials and returning them into the business cycle is the best path for a sustainable future from an economical and ecological perspective.

REMONDIS’ special expertise is underscored by its sustainability certificate. The certificate was developed based on the DIN EN ISO 14040 eco balance in collaboration with the independent institute ATZ. The certificate can be used to identify the savings attained in primary raw materials, energy and greenhouse gas emissions through the processing of waste and residual materials. The entire service chain can be implemented into the analysis – from logging the waste and transport, sorting and preparation to utilisation of the respective fractions. Ergo, a partner who thinks like we do.

The ROLEC block-unit power station

We invested in energy-efficient technology years ago, installing a block-unit power station on our company site. It generates power and heat simultaneously. This power-heat coupling has proven to be the ideal solution for the rather enormous demand for power and heat for enclosure processing. The block-unit power plant saves our company a significant volume of energy, thereby also effecting a clear reduction in consumption costs.

Gas, water and environmental protection

The public utility companies in Rinteln meet their ecological obligations by actively promoting and implementing environment friendly technologies and consulting with their customers accordingly. One example of this is the Rinteln-Deckbergen solar park. The Rinteln public utility companies furthermore participate with other public utility companies in a green energy pool. The pool is assessed and awarded by the certification organisation TÜV NORD CERT. Moreover, they invest in certified emissions reductions projects all over the world – for sustainable protection of our planet. It’s not always about the price.


Nowadays, optimal waste management is not only an urgent necessity, but also a success factor that should not be underestimated. It makes a lasting contribution to efficient operational processes and profitable cost structures.

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