aluFACE enclosures application
Hinged front frame and rear section with side lock
Suitable for mounting to all ROLEC suspension arm systems
KSE models - high base, two-piece front frame
KCE models - flat base, two-piece front frame
KE models - flat base, single part aluminium front frame
KTE models - enclosures with dual chambers which can be separately opened
KVE models - flat base, two-piece front frame, screw fastened
KVF models - flat front frame, flat base, screw fastened
aluTWIN - with two separate sections for the electronics/equipment
KCE models with exterior hinges
Enclosures available with hinge and double-bit fastener
Optional external mounting brackets
External mounting brackets for KTE models
Enclosure handle system in RAL 3020, traffic red
Enclosure handle system in RAL 9005, deep black
Optional internal mounting plates (customised on demand)
DIN rails, terminal blocks and other accessories are available


The economical operating and control enclosure

IP 65, IP 66

The most important product features:
• Enclosure material: diecast aluminium. Framework: corner pieces from diecast zinc and aluminium profiles
• Front plate: 3 mm aluminium, anodised silver
• Enclosure surface: powder coating, RAL 7040/7035
• KE: 1-piece framework
• KCE/KSE: 2-piece lid with flat or high framework, integrated lock and hinges
• KVE/KVF: 2-piece lid with flat framework and bottom
• Single-channel mounting for greater installation volume
• Ideal connection to the suspension systems taraPLUS, profiPLUS and taraSMART
• Lid screws stainless steel 1.4567
• Enclosure seal: TPE moulded gasket, silicone-free, O-ring gasket (CR), Profile seal (CR)


aluFACE is a robust and highly versatile range of command and control enclosures which feature fixed or hinged front sections. The enclosures are ideal all types of industrial controls and display technology.

The aluFACE range is available in six different versions with diecast aluminium base sections and diecast or extruded frame lids. The enclosures are supplied with an anodised aluminium front panel which is recessed to protect controls and keypads. Internal threaded screw bosses are provided for fixing PCBs, support rails, mounting plates etc. The larger enclosures in the range can be mounted to our suspension arm systems.

We can supply aluFACE enclosures fully customised to your requirements.

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Product overview Dimensions Data Sheets Data
Enclosure sizes6 variants - 66 dimensions
KTE range: Secure connection technology in connection space (opened independently), both chambers can be separated, various lid variants, ingress protection IP 66
KE range: Flat framework, single-piece aluminium frame, front plate without visible screws, aluminium front plate, easy to assembly, ingress protection IP 66
KSE range: High framework, two-piece lid, with lock and hinges, ingress protection IP 65
KCE range: High framework, two-piece lid, with lock and hinges, ingress protection IP 65
KVE range: Flat framework, two-piece lid, inexpensive screwed version, ingress protection IP 65
KVF range: Flat framework, flat bottom, two-piece lid, inexpensive screwed version, ingress protection IP 65
Additional info
EnclosureDiecast aluminium
EN AC 44300/EN AC-44200 (DIN EN 1706)
1° mould slope for casting ejection > internal circumference dimensions decrease by 1° towards enclosure bottom.
Front door (KSE/KCE range): Extruded aluminium profiles
Diecast zinc corner pieces with standard front plate: Aluminium 3 mm, Al Mg 1, silver anodised
Optional: Finished front plates, bored, stamped, engraved or printed
Optional: Steel pipe handle frame, powder coated, RAL 3020, traffic red or RAL 9005 black
Closure (KSE/KCE range): Hinges and locks on the narrow sides (side W), optionally also on the long sides (side L)
FasteningWith ROLEC suspension arm system taraPLUS and profiPLUS or attached to wall
Internal mountingFastening thread M6 on the enclosure floor
Ingress protectionIP 65, IP 66 / EN 60529
GasketDepends on variant and size:
Chloroprene O-ring gasket (CR)
or TPE moulded gasket, silicone-free
SurfacePowder coating
Enclosure: RAL 7035, light grey
Front frame: RAL 7040, window grey
Optional: Special colours
CustomisingLearn more about our full customising service for installation-ready enclosures

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